Thursday, December 3, 2020

FBMKLCI (1,628) - Sub-wave iii of wave (iii) started

KLCI added 29 points to reach a new high of 1,628 since its 19 March's low of 1,219.

This sub-wave iii of wave (iii) is expected to be more dynamic and broad base in nature with higher than average volume.

Since sub-wave i gained 10.2%, sub-wave iii is expected to gain at least 10.2% to reach 1,720 in a normal 5-wave advance. And wave (iii) is also expected to gain about 29%, same as that for wave (i), to reach at least 1880 level.

Mega wave (1), (3) and (5) gain 286%, 174% and 128% respectively, assuming mega wave (7) can gain around 130%, mega wave (7) is expected to end around 2,800 level.



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