Wednesday, February 27, 2019

In early morning over Kuala Lumpur sky

This morning at around 6.30am I can see Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon as well as the Scorpius Constellation with its bright red Antares star. 

They are all above the South-eastern horizon. The Moon is about 66 degrees above the horizon, Jupiter at 59 degrees, Saturn at 38 degrees and Venus, that is much brighter than Saturn and Jupiter, is at 32 degrees above the horizon.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Shame on you - UKM Students

The event organised by the members of the UKM Student Council to welcome Najib outside the university campus reflects the total failure of our education system.

Are these university students the future leaders for Malaysia? If they are, then Malaysia is heading the Venezuela's way.

Aren't they aware of the 1MDB scandal that has made Malaysia the laughing stock of the world? They still believed that Najib is innocent? Or they simply believed in Najib's ideology that 'money is king'.

They are not the illiterates from remote villages. They are supposed to be the more brainy youth that are qualified to enter the University but they appeared to me that they are either unable to think and reason or they are willing to follow Najib in selling the nation for personal gain.

What is the use if I still have to pay toll charges (congestion charges) and are free to use the highway only from 11pm to 5am.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Dow - Fast approaching end of Wave D

Dow (26,031)

Another 1,000 points Dow will reach the upper trend line at 27,000. If Dow is indeed forming an A-B-C-D-E major wave 8, the next drop is going to be very painful (-20%) unless it is a failure E then it can become half-painful.

But if Dow can punch through the ceiling then it is on its major wave 9 but I cannot explain why wave C of 8 has only 3 three waves. Just wait and see.

FBMKLCI (1,721)

Faster than the Dow, KLCI is almost reaching its upper trend line to complete its iv of C of (6) before turning down to form its wave v of C. But dropping from say 1,730 to say 1,600 is only -7.5%, it doesn't tally with the -20% of Dow, unless Dow has a failure E.

But if Dow can punch through its ceiling, I would expect KLCI to breakout of its upper trend line. Then the more bullish alternative wave count comes in.

Inari Amertron Bhd (Rm 1.50)

Inari announced a disappointing quarterly earning of 1.73 sens a share about 10% less than its previous quarter of 1.91 sens. The drop provided a reason for its wave ii formation. I expect its prices to move higher in the short term to complete the wave B.

Insas Bhd (Rm 0.82)

Insas's latest quarterly earning dropped from its previous quarter of 4.02 sens to 1.31 sens. It has another 2 sens to go to rest on the top of the trend line at 80 sens before moving up again.

The poor earning is a real test to my bullish wave count. However if Insas can continue to run higher despite of its poor earning, then there must be some other development that the small fish is not aware of.

If Insas were to go below the 80 sens level next week and continue to move lower and lower then I can be totally wrong in my current wave count.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Putrajaya must set up RCI

Saturday, February 16, 2019

weekly Update

Crude Oil (WTI) (USD55.81/barrel)

Crude oil (WTI) continues with its wave ii of E rebound. Wave ii is likely to last until early next year.

Dow (25,883)

Dow continues to move towards 27,000 to complete the wave D of its major wave 8. Wave E of 8, unless is a failure, is going to see Dow dropping to a possible low of 21,200.

Instead of a i-ii-iii three waves D, it appeared to me that Dow may choose to go for a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 seven mini waves D.

Can Dow punches through the ceiling and continues to move higher into record territories as shown below?

Technically unlikely because for a A-B-C corrective wave, wave C must have 5 sub-waves. In fact if wave C has formed 5 sub-waves instead of 3 sub-waves, it could have been a perfect 'Expanded Flat ABC Correction'.

But no matter how unlikely an event, in stock market one can never rule out an unbelievable event no matter how slim is the possibility. That is stock market. Always watch out for surprises.

Inari Amertron Bhd (Rm 1.69)

Inari is on its way to form the wave B of its mega wave (2). At this moment I am assuming a simple zigzag 5-3-5 A-B-C corrective wave for the mega wave (2).

Insas Bhd (Rm 0.87)

On Thursday, the moment Insas moved above 84 sens, it has ruled out the current up trend since 4th January as the wave vi of C.

Now I am left with the option that I mentioned last week, Insas has completed its major wave 2 on 3rd January and is on its way to form the major wave 3 of its mega wave (5). Very bullish indeed. Once it crosses the 92 sens level it may take a short rest before proceeding north. My long-term minimum target for mega wave (5) is Rm 1.80.

If only Insas can distribute all its Inari shares to Insas shareholders as special dividend just like what Kuchai Development has just done by given out all its Kluang Rubber Co (M) Bhd to all Kuchai shareholders.


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Weekly Update

USD/MYR (4.0695)

Malaysian Ringgit continues to strengthen as the USD/MYR rate continues to drop after it has completed the wave ii of its wave C in November 2018. Hopefully wave iii can bring Ringgit to Rm3.50 to 1USD level.

Dow (25,106)

Dow continues to form the wave D of its major wave 8. I expect the wave D to end around 27,000 level. That is another 1,900 points or 7.5% to go. If wave E does not fall-short, it may go to as low as 21,000 level for a 6,000 point (-22%) drop. This is highly possibility unless the Dow does not stop at 27,000 level by punching through its ceiling and developing a new scenario.

FBMKLCI (1,686)

In tandem with the A-B-C-D-E formation of the Dow, KLCI is more likely to take the option of a mega wave (6) formation. KLCI is likely to form its wave iv of C when Dow is forming its wave D. And when Dow is going for its wave E formation, KLCI is likely to form its wave v of C.

Inari Amertron Bhd (Rm 1.62)

Inari is forming its wave B of (2) at the moment.

Insas Bhd (Rm 0.815)

I hope Insas can continue to move higher next week and can proceed to break the 92 sens level. Failure which I will have to switch back to the more bearish option that I have mentioned last week.

Pinehill Pacific Bhd (Rm 0.335)

From its high of Rm 2.75 in the year 2000, Pinepac dropped to a low of 14 sens in September 2018. From its low of 14 sens on 20 September 2018, it went limit up on 21 September at 44 sens after its announcement of a proposed land sale of 8,999.13 acres to United Plantation Bhd for a total cash consideration of Rm 413.57 millions. In the following trading day it went as high as 69 sens before closing the day at 54 sens. 

Very conservatively if I less all of Pinepac's liability of Rm 288 million from the cash that it is going to received amounting to Rm 413.75 million, its net cash will be Rm 125.75 million. If I divide it by the total number of Pinepac shares of 150 million, it is about 84 sens a share.

After the land sale Pinepac still has 51,400 acres of land in Indonesia with 22,192 acres planted with oil palm.

If the 14 sens low in September 2018 is the end of its 18 years of consolidation, it is possible that the 54 sens closing price is the wave i of its new up-trend wave.

Since September 2018, Pinepac has completed a complex a-b-c-d-e wave ii correction. If it can start moving up from its Friday's closing price of 33.5 sens next week, it is possible that wave ii has ended and wave iii has just started. The main question now is how high it can go finally?


Monday, February 4, 2019

2019 Huat-Ah

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous 2019 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Flying Star 2019

The 2019 flying star chart will come into effect on 4 February 2019 and will last until 3 February 2020.

Good sectors of the house are East, Centre, West, North and North-West. Bad sectors are South-East, South, South-West and North-East. A general guideline is not to disturb the bad sectors. No Hi-Fi, home cinema, construction or renovation at these sectors. Goods sectors should be activated by having more family activities at these sectors.

Five yellow is at the South-West, Three killings at the West and Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter is at the North-North-West corner.

Five yellow is the most inauspicious star, if disturbed, its malicious influence can bring disastrous financial and health problems such as lawsuits, bankruptcy and critical injury or illness. It is best to leave this sector as a quiet corner with little activity.

Three killings is associated with the killing of good fortune, killing of wealth and killing of relationship. But the west sector is also the location of star No. 1, the star of nobility and romance, which is excellent for gaining prosperity, recognition and good romance luck. For this west sector, try not to activate the Three killings by avoiding any earthwork, construction work and renovation work while preserving the good quality of star No. 1.

In 2019, Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter at the North-North-West sector. To ensure a smooth and rewarding 2019, steps must be taken to appease the Tai Sui by keeping this sector quiet as Tai Sui dislike noises and commotion. An important rule is never sit facing the Tai Sui. To get his blessing/support, always sit with the back facing Tai Sui to maximize the happiness and prosperity of the star No. 9.


Friday, February 1, 2019

Dow - Heading for 27,000 to complete its wave D

Dow (24,999)

Dow has another 2,000 point (+8%) to go to complete its wave D of its major wave 8. Be careful of the wave E's plunge. Unless the wave E is a failure, it is going to drop from 27,000 to 21,200 for a 5,800 points drop (-21%).

Will Dow just punch through the 27,000 level and heading for more new record highs? Then the current run-up from its December low is the starting of its major wave 9. If that were to happen, how to explain for the wave C that has only 3 waves instead of 5?

FBMKLCI (1,683)

My reading for KLCI remained the same, it is either currently forming the wave (iii) of its major 5.

Or it is forming the wave iv of the wave C of its mega wave (6). The next bull run will be the mega wave (7) after the completion of its mega wave (6).

Inari Amertron Bhd (Rm 1.50)

Inari has completed the wave A of its mega wave (2) and is currently forming the wave B. The mega wave (2) can either be a simple and steep A-B-C 

Or it can take the form of a side-way complex A-B-C-D-E spanning over a longer duration.

Insas Bhd (Rm 0.77)

The current rebound of Insas can either be the wave iv of C of (4) then there will be one more down, the wave v to complete the wave C of its mega wave (4). I am looking at Rm1.80 for the mega wave (5).

Or it has started the major wave 3 of its mega wave (5). Once it crosses the 82 sens level follow by the 92 sens level it will be all the way north to Rm1.80.