Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dow - Sub-wave vi in progress

If Dow can hold above the lower trend line :

As shown above, sub-wave v has been completed and sub-wave vi is in progress. It will be followed by sub-wave vii, viii and ix.

However if Dow were to drop below the lower trend line as shown below.

Then wave (vii) has only five sub-waves as shown above, wave (viii) will have a 8% to 10% pullback.

For Bursa Malaysia

It is possible that the Composite Index is forming a diagonal major wave (V). The index is currently at the end of its wave 3. The next pullback will be the wave 4. Wave 5 is expected to end in 2014.

 In Iceland

Oh No, they eat this cute little bird 
called Puffin in Iceland !!!
I am not joking.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Email from Iceland - Dog Sledding

The dogs are really cute and they love to run.  But halfway through if one of them has to putt putt, then they all stop and pull to the side, it is quite funny.

My favorite dog

At the beginning, there is a very naughty 10 month old dog which didn't stick with the plan and decided to run sideways.  All the other dogs started to snarl and attacked him and our muster had to pull them apart.

Attacking the naughty dog

Once the naughty dog was taken away, the rest of the dogs calmed down and ran properly.

The naughty dog

We went through farm lands and the dogs took us to the banks of a glacier river.  It was interesting.

There are many waterfalls in Iceland. The most spectacular one is the Gulfoss Waterfall.

Reykjavik – it is such a pretty city