Sunday, April 21, 2019

Advance Synergy Bhd (Rm 0.135)

I have been monitoring ASB for many many years and was tricked twice, both by the wave Bs that were accompanied by OBV breakouts in 2014 and 2018.

Since October 2008 after hitting its low of 6.5 sens, it moved to a high of 33.5 sens by January 2011, gaining 27 sens or 415% to form its mega wave (1). ASB took 6 years until December 2016 to complete its mega wave (2) at 10 sens. Major wave 1 at 21 sens (+110%) took only 4 months to form followed by another 24 months to complete its major wave 2 at 11 sens.

Since January 2019 ASB has formed five advancing waves followed by a a-b-c corrective wave.  My wave count shows that since ASB's 6.5 sens bottom in October 2008, it has form mega wave (1)-(2), major wave 1-2 and wave (i)-(ii). Its next advancing wave is likely to be the wave (iii) of 3 of (3) if my wave count is correct, then the next advancing wave is expected to be dynamic with very high volume. Now I just keep my fingers crossed.


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