Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dilution of Radioactive Waste ?

From 'thestar online' December 11, we have the following.

"Rare earth waste can be sold in Malaysia if Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp) converts it into commercially safe products", said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Ongkili on Tuesday. 

He considered the waste no longer hazardous, if the radiation emission did not exceed 1 becquerel (Bq) per gram. (1Bq/g). Just wonder which waste he is talking about.

I think Lynas has convinced him that it is OK to mix 1 cu. m. of  of Lynas's waste of say 20 Bq/g with 19 cu.m. of other material of 0 Bq/g to have 20 cu.m of commercially safe products of 1Bq/g.

If mix with 39 cu.m of 0 Bq/g then we will have 40 cu.m of even lower radioactivity of 0.5Bq/g.

If this is the way, radioactive waste is no longer a problem in the world. 

A much much better and easier way is to throw the waste into South China Sea and then collect 1 gram of the sea-water and measure its radioactivity. I am sure the reading will be much less than the 1 Bq/g mentioned by Ongkili. If the reading is more than 1 Bq/g, "I will cut my ear and jump into the Pahang river."

I think there are too many blind mice in this Bolehland


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